Annual Membership

 (January 1 - December 31)

Dues are $95.00/year

Membership is comprised of individuals who are professionally involved in the field of healthcare risk management and patient safety whose job function and responsibility include healthcare risk management, patient safety, provide underwriting, marketing or brokering functions for an insurance company or providing legal or consulting services to healthcare providers of a healthcare organization. This diversity makes a variety of viewpoints available to members and contributes to the vitality of the organization.

Benefits of Joining

Each year we hold two half-day educational seminars when are presented at a reduced rate for members. A full-day and a half educational conference and annual meeting is also held each Spring for which members pay a modest fee to attend.  Some of the many topics we have covered during our seminars and conferences include: developments in medical malpractice case law, discoverability of risk management data, physician credentialing, regulatory and statutory requirements, Joint Commission risk management standards, infection-related liability, emergency treatment liability issues, discharge planning, homecare, liability issues related to staffing, child abuse, state incident reporting and contract review.

Our newsletter, GSHRM News.  It contains reviews of lectures and other presentations on a wide variety of subjects related to risk management, insurance, quality assurance medicine, law and governmental regulations as well as event notices and other information of interest to risk managers. The articles are usually written by GSHRM members, so the newsletter also serves as an opportunity for members to exercise their writing talents.

Another important benefit of belonging to GSHRM is the satisfaction of working on the Association's committees. Many members have learned new skills and become acquainted with new colleagues through their work on the various committees.


  1. To inform health care risk managers and others involved in patient safety and quality assurance activities about current issues and trends in risk management.
  2. To promote a clearer understanding of medical-legal issues and relevant legislation and case law.
  3. To share ideas about risk management, including problems, solutions, innovative procedures and new techniques.
  4. to provide formal and informal opportunities to strengthen the professional risk management network.
  5. To support the health care risk management profession's commitment to high quality patient care in Georgia.


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