GHA Website Instructions

How to contact your legislators:

Go to and select the "Legislative Tab" then click on "Currently Tracked Legislation."

At the top of the page select the "Officials Tab" then click on "House" or "Senate" "By Name."

On the list that appears click on your legislator's name. This will provide you with your legislators phone number, e-mail, fax and address.


How to make comments on a bill:

Go to and select the "Legislative Tab" and then click on "Currently Tracked Legislation."

Under "Direct Link" you can enter in the bill number you wish to make comment on.

Once you enter the bill number under "Direct Link" it will take you to a summary of the bill. Below there will be a link "Click to submit analysis/comments on this bill."

This feature will allow you to make recommendations and comments on bills without having the public view them.


How to send your legislator a letter on tort reform:

Go to and select "Advocacy Action Center"

Click on Tort Reform: Advocacy Action Needed

Under "Take Action Now" enter your name and address to send the letter to your legislators.

This will allow you to electronically send a letter prepared by GHA to your legislators. Please feel free to add your own comments to your legislators.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact Caroline Holley at (770) 249-4509 or [email protected]