SUBJECT:             GSHRM Scholarship Program

OBJECTIVE:  To promote educational opportunities for the Georgia Society for Healthcare Risk Management (GSHRM)



The GSHRM will provide annually at least one scholarship to the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) annual conference, the GSHRM annual conference, the Barton Certificate Module and the CPHRM Review Class.


I. Scholarship Eligibility Requirements and Considerations:

A. A scholarship candidate should have limited or no resources available from his/her employer. (Must be validated by employer.)

B. A scholarship candidate must be a member of GSHRM for at least one year. (Must be validated by documentation.)

C. Consideration will be given to a candidate who has never attended an ASHRM or GSHRM conference, Barton Certificate Module or a CPHRM Review Class.

D. Consideration will be given to a candidate who is an employee of a health care provider and is actively involved in the risk management function of that organization.

E. For an ASHRM scholarship, consideration will be given to a candidate who is to receive some type of national award (DFASHRM, FASHRM, etc.), is a speaker at the conference or is serving on a national committee that meets at the annual conference.

F. Consideration will be given to a candidate who regularly attends the GSHRM educational meetings. (Must be validated by documentation from the Education Committee Chair.)

G. Consideration will be given to a candidate who is serving on a GSHRM committee or involved in some type of special project.

H. If not currently involved in GSHRM service, the candidate must be willing to serve on a GSHRM committee or special project and demonstrate this willingness to serve on the application form.

II. Expenses:


A. General:

1. A scholarship recipient will make the necessary travel arrangements and will be reimbursed with proof of payment.

2. Expenses must be submitted to the Resource Collaboration Team Chairman for payment within 30 days of the event.

B. Reimbursable Expenses:

1. Air Travel - " If applicable, arrangements must be made for air travel at an advance purchase rate by the most direct or economical route from the point of origin (traveler's normal place of business) to the destination. First-class airfare is not an allowable expense.

2. Ground Transportation - " Reimbursement is made for authorized use of a personal automobile at the AHA established mileage rate, up to the cost of the lowest available advance purchase airfare. All necessary expenses for travel will be reimbursed, including taxi, tolls and parking fees for travel.

3. Lodging - " Reimbursement is made for lodging at the facility's usual rate for single occupancy or at the rate negotiated by ASHRM or GSHRM for group meetings.

4. Conference Fee - " The conference registration fee will be paid by GSHRM. The registration form must be submitted to the GSHRM Treasurer at least two weeks prior to the cut-off date.

5. The total cost of the scholarship shall not exceed the following amount without prior approval of the Board of Directors:

a. ASHRM - $2,800

b. GSHRM - $750

c. Barton Certificate Module or CPHRM Review Class - $500

III. Scholarship Decisions:

A. The scholarship recipient will be selected by the GSHRM Resource Collaborative Team based on eligibility requirements and considerations.

B. The scholarship recipient must be approved by the GSHRM Board of Directors.

C. The GSHRM Board of Directors may rescind this policy at any time.

IV. Deadlines for Applications:

A. ASHRM Annual Conference - " on or before March 1"

B. GSHRM Annual Conference - " on or before March 1"

C. Barton Certificate Module - " two months prior to the offering"

D. CPHRM Review Class - two months prior to the offering

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