About Us

The Georgia Society for Healthcare Risk Management is committed to promoting healthcare risk management, safety, and wellness within the healthcare industry by offering educational and networking opportunities to enhance the professional development of our members.

Our membership continues to grow and includes a broad range of Healthcare professionals, such as: nurses, risk managers, quality assurance and loss control managers, insurance professionals, defense attorneys, medical-legal consultants, claims representatives and physicians that share the same goal; the prevention or mitigation of loss or injury for patients and their healthcare providers and facilities.


Recently, the membership role was reviewed to pinpoint industry segments that may not be well represented within our membership; critical access hospitals have been identified. According to the Georgia Department of Community Health, rural Georgia is served by 34 critical access hospitals (CAH). Currently, GSHRM members employed by larger health systems provide risk management services to four CAH, and two members are employed by a CAH. To encourage CAH participation, the GSHRM board is offering to waive the 2018 annual membership dues for 15 CAH employees providing risk management services to their organization. 

Our goal is to expand the scope of GSHRM's ability to serve the healthcare risk management community. Please assist us to identify other healthcare segments for focused membership drives.